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According to IT industry analysts Forrester, Osterman Research, and Ferris Research, enterprise messaging migrations can cost anywhere between $57 and $250 per user.*  The good news is: Binary Tree’s SMART Managed Migration solution is much lower than those estimates.

Our SMART Managed Migration service can provide you with a high-velocity move to Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange 2013 at a low, fixed cost per user, whether you’re on Exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010 in one or multiple forests. 

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SMART Managed Migration

A SMART Managed Migration is a remotely executed and managed migration that eliminates the need for high-cost on-site expertise as well as for extensive scheduling and budgeting.  

The SMART Managed Migration (SMM) service combines Binary Tree's E2E Complete software with a proven remote control migration process to perform Intra-Org, Inter-Org (cross forest), or Microsoft Office 365 cloud migrations.

SMART Managed Migration

Upgrade your Exchange environment with a predictable, fixed cost enterprise migration that is...


A SMART Managed Migration is a complete enterprise Exchange email migration:

  • Migrates all user mailbox data including email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes
  • The project is setup, delivered and managed remotely by highly-experienced messaging migration professionals
  • Supports Intra-Org, Inter-Org (Cross Forest) or Cloud migrations
  • Supports migrations to Exchange 2013, 2010 or the Microsoft Office 365 cloud


A SMART Managed Migration is a high-velocity migration with optional interruption-free interoperability for users for longer projects:

  • Migrates 1,000 to 10,000 users / week
  • Includes all necessary migration software
  • Includes the setup of the migration software and systems
  • Includes a pilot migration to verify the performance and timetable
  • For longer phased migrations, an option to setup a coexistence infrastructure enables users to continue to communicate with colleagues throughout the migration regardless of their migration status


Portals, alerts and reports in our E2E Complete software keep your users and management informed:

  • Users stay informed with migration start and end notifications via SMS text, email and user portal
  • A customer-controlled option allows users to select a different migration date
  • Migration status reports keep management informed


Intelligent forecasting in our E2E Complete software will keep your schedule and costs fixed and predictable:

  • A low per-user fixed cost is significantly less than traditional migration services!
  • A fixed migration schedule
  • You will know how much it costs before you commit to an order
  • You will know when it will be completed shortly after the pilot migration is performed


Optional services to supplement SMART Managed Migrations:

  • Coexistence Setup
  • PST Analysis
  • Public Folder Analysis
  • Active Directory Analysis
  • Public Folder Migration
  • Active Directory Migration

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Reference the model assumptions of 1,000 users migrated (table 2) and migration-related costs (table 2 and table 3) totaling $56,875, which would round out to $57 per user.
Direct link to download the document.

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Reference the article for a quote from Michael Osterman about migration costs that "can be as high as $244 per user.”
Link to the InfoWorld article.

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Reference the “Executive Summary” section on page 6 of the report where it states that the "typical organization can expect to spend about $150 to $250 per user mailbox” to upgrade Microsoft Exchange.
Direct link to download the document.